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Monday, May 18, 2009

Code Elementary: Thanks for the Memories …

Bob Hope always ended his specials with the song, “Thanks for the Memories.” Well, there was a celebration of the memories of Allen L. Code Elementary School on Sunday afternoon. Teachers, students, parents, elected officials, and neighbors gathered in the media center to walk down memory lane.

The reflections started with comments by the son and grandson of Mr. Allen L. Code. They both talked about the dedication of Mr. Code to the community as an educator. They shared that he was a man who expected the very best (expecting Blue Ridge High to compete and play above it sports classification for the challenge). It was also great to hear some of the funny stories from the family about life with Mr. Code.

There have only been two principals during the history of the school as Code Elementary. Mr. Andy Inabinet shared his reflections of his time at the school. He even shared that the school had been the location of Mr. Code’s funeral, and how the two went on simultaneously during a school day.

Mrs. Kathy Eichler, Code's current principal, shared her memories of a dedicated staff who work tirelessly to provide a nurturing environment for students. She introduced a neighbor who checks on her when she works late and mentioned his dog who happens to visit the school daily.

Several staff members took videotapes and compiled a video presentation of some of the events over the years. It was very touching to see some of the important activities during the first and last year of the school’s existence.

Thanks for the memories … Allen L. Code Elementary will merge with J.N. Kellett Elementary and move into the new Blue Ridge Elementary site for 2009-10. However, the school will live on as a site for the district’s adult education and alternative school programs.

J. N. Kellett Elementary will have a walk down memory lane, too. The celebration for Kellett will be held on Friday, May 29, beginning at 5 PM.